Suhbah means “companionship”, “fellowship” and “mentorship”. It comes from the same root letters as the word “Sahaabah” – the companions of Prophet Muhammad (S).


At Suhbah Institute, our mission is to accompany and inspire individuals along their journey of growth by providing quality, nurturing and easily accessible Islamic learning that is applicable to our ever changing lives and circumstances – whether that be in our relationships with others, with ourselves, or with our Lord.


Mahad Qamar and Safiya Ravat are the co-founders of SUHBAH Institute. They attained their Bachelor’s degrees in Islamic Fiqh and Usul al Fiqh (Islamic Law and Jurisprudence) from the International Islamic University of Malaysia and completed their Master’s in Pastoral Counseling in Marriage and Family Therapy.

They serve as the chaplains at the University of Houston MSA, are the lead instructors at the Suhbah Seminary, and counsel engaged and married couples through Suhbah’s Strong Couples program.



"This was a very comprehensive counseling that had activities of all sorts. It got my fiancé and I thinking about a lot of things we did not see coming. We really enjoyed the exercises you paused and worked through. The communication segment and conflict resolution was one of my favorite sections as it allows us to prospectively approach issues."

- Fatimah and Ahmed